Competitive Irrational People in Anime Industrial USA

As an illustrator and comic book writer, I have been following the dramas on Twitter and YouTube of anime and comic culture in the USA. I starting following it after hearing from one of my writer friends getting accuse of harassment and it was his girlfriend they accuse him of harassing without knowing that was his girlfriend (it was third party looking in). And another friend of mine who is a cosplayer is getting stalk by a follower of #kickvic because he believe what they are doing is wrong. This is all due to the #metoomovement but this year it is worst than past years due to new hashtag on Twitter #KICKVIC.

If you have not heard there is a war on social media around the subject Vic Mignogna vs Funimation and a few voice actress/actor. I don’t normally care about Hollywood or celebrity dramas, but unfortunately these people have a huge follower who going out to attack people who disagree with them. This does not effect most normal people; however, if you go to comic con or anime con, than you will be dealing with this drama indirectly. Such as voice actor/actress cancel events because they don’t want to be at the same comic con or anime con as the person they don’t like. And some of their follower will troll people at con that disagree with them or they just out right hate the person. Also, on looking who see what is going on with #KICKVIC think to themselves “hey, I could do the same thing to my rival,” meaning other writer, voice actor/actress could be target with false accusation. For example, it is just like a famous serial killer break out on the scene, there are copy cat who want to copy the crime and get their five minutes of frame.

Most of the force that is pushing this is people in power who ego have gotta so big. I have staff at some anime con. I have learn thought staffing that in the last few years, that voice actor/actress charge like $5K or more depending on their celebrity status to be a guest at comic con or anime con. However, it was not like this several years ago, because in recent years, anime have made it way into pop culture and is very popular in the US. The anime english dub industry have little to no pubic relations, because people who work in the the field, say whatever they want on Twitter ever if it is harmful to someone else.

I will be following the law sue Vic vs Funimation because I am hoping the court will change our Twitter culture and stop some of the harmful campaign that is in our culture. There is one positive thing about this, this does open the door for anime con and comic con to explore at invited small publisher companies, authors, illustrator, cosplayers, and less known voice actor/actress as guest. I am a big believer when the people up top gotten too big for their britches, they can be taking down a peg by a new comer.

Now if you are wanting to be a comic writer or artist, you will have to face some of this. However, I feel like this is very similar to dealing with an ex-husband. You just have to practice good organization and be out spoken. I believe when you are outspoken and show to the world that you are confidence than people will think twice before they decide to mess with you. You will just have to learn by trial and error like everything else in business.

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