Animore Con Jan 11th - 13th

This weekend is Animore Con in Baltimore, MD. I have setup my table and ready for a fun weekend of anime!! Follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see all the fun moments during the con.

I will have prints of my paintings including anime fan art. I have brought five of my original painting and I will be selling Fairy and Dragons Friendship T-shirt.

I have two announcement:

  1. I will be giving away a free t-shirt. Make sure to come visit my table to require for a chance to win a t-shirt. I will be drawing name out of a box on Sunday at 11am of the event.

  2. I will be often free shipping to anyone at the con so make sure to visit my table and show me your badge. I will be giving these who visit my table a code for free shipping.

This is a great time to meet me and I will have more to talk about my comic book that I will have release in Oct 2019. I look forward to meeting all of you and making new friends.


This weekend have been amazing. Thank you to those who came out. Here are some pictures from this weekend.

Angie Adventure Background

For those who do not know. I am working on a comic book. I have not came up with a name for it yet. I am in the process of developing the main characters to it. However, here is a small taste of what to come this is the background to my main character which her name is Angie. This is very much a rough draft. I hope you enjoy it.

Later in the future, I will have more detail to when you will see this publish and where. I just want to give my fan a little peck to what I am working on.

Also, I do like hearing from my reader what they think of it. So don’t be shy and comment in the comment part of the page.


Open House at Crossroads Art Center Event Review

Unfortunately my painting Lunch time for Dragon Fly is not in the Crossroads Art Center. Below is the video of my review on what happen that night and why it is not in the show. I was very disappointed how they handier my concerns. I had an event setup on my Facebook page and pay $30 promotion for Facebook to promote my event. I was using this event to create event to get new people interesting in my art. So it came cross to me as they was rejection my style of art and me as an artist. I talk with a few people who came in the parking lot of the event that night who came to see my art. We took some pictures today and I show them my painting near my car. I am so grateful to these who came out and give me the emotion support that night.

Like I say the video this event is only a footnote and I have more to come.