Open House at Crossroads Art Center Event Review

Unfortunately my painting Lunch time for Dragon Fly is not in the Crossroads Art Center. Below is the video of my review on what happen that night and why it is not in the show. I was very disappointed how they handier my concerns. I had an event setup on my Facebook page and pay $30 promotion for Facebook to promote my event. I was using this event to create event to get new people interesting in my art. So it came cross to me as they was rejection my style of art and me as an artist. I talk with a few people who came in the parking lot of the event that night who came to see my art. We took some pictures today and I show them my painting near my car. I am so grateful to these who came out and give me the emotion support that night.

Like I say the video this event is only a footnote and I have more to come.


Traditional Artist

I am what you would call a traditional artist which means that I paint on canvas. The media I paint with is acrylic and watercolors. This past two weeks I have been teaching myself how to use graphic design program such as Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer. And I have a new tool that help me draw image on paper that transport over to digital image call the Slate. The reason why I am doing this is because I want to make prints of my art for every day people. Also, it is a important skill for an illustrator to know how to do. I am in the process of edit my painting on digital format for the reproduction process and research prices. The first time edit image took all day to edit. I felt like I was painting all over again. I believe as I learn and use the program more offer it will get easier and faster.

I also have some of my original painting in galley. In fact, this last week I have submitted a few of my painting inside Crossroad Art Center in Richmond, VA. I will be visiting more galley and looking into getting more of my art in them.