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New Blog on WordPress Call "Little Elf in Big Pond of Drama, The Comic Industry."

I have created a new blog on WordPress to reach more people on a different platform. It have been hard to get the work out about my website and my blog on here. So I thought I would start to build my name on other platform until I have a large follower base on there so I could direct them to website.

Before it or not but I am reaching more people on WordPress than Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. It took forever to get people to reach to my post on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. And I found out why that was the case, Google and Facebook both have been painting my name is a bad light. Facebook have classification me as a public figure and have post my followers count on the search engine Google and got the count wrong. And they did not stop there, Facebook post another link to my Facebook page with the follower count lower than the one before. Here is a snapshot of it.

Google MH page 2b.jpg

I have wrote about this on my blog so if you would like the whole story, than check it out: DuckDuckGo vs Google, Part I.

I have not giving up on this blog instead I will be updating a lot of the post on here with videos to go with them. And I will posting more video content on here. I will used this place as a center place for all my platforms I am on. Because of the environmental of the internet, I will be branching out to more platform to get my message out there.

I do two new social media platforms I am on:

  1. VERO as my self Maria Hargis

  2. MINDS as sakiLeo

If you was wondering about the username Saki Leo that I use a lot for that. I used to play a lot of dating sims on my phone and I like using the name Saki Tanaka as my character name. So I adopt the Saki from that and the Leo is because I am Leo, born in August.

Playing WOW Classic and Building a Gaming PC

Finding Inspiration/ How Do You Find Inspiration?

Finding Inspiration/ How Do You Find Inspiration?