Wednesday Thoughts

Date: 3/6/19

Every Wednesday I come out with a new episode of Nocturnal Orphan on Webtoons. It is a lot of work to make comics and write the story for them; however, I love telling stories and drawing the illustrations that goes with them. It is a challenge every week to made them. That is why it give me great enjoy when people read them and tell me that they like it.

I am very new at making comics, however, each time I work on a new episode, I feel like I am getting better. Most of my influences comes from the many anime, manga, and comics I have watch or reed. Stories have a way of aspirate us to be better person and/or never giving up when things are hard. I also think it is a great way of being connection with each other by having discussion about what we think of the story. I hope that my stories help someone.

I had times in my life when things was hard to overcome and stories have remember me to keep moving forward. I am still moving forward and I don’t regret that I never give up on my dreams. I am still on my journey to my dreams, however, one part of my dream have came true. Which to be a comic book artist.

The things about dreams, you have to keep pushing toward them even when it looks hopeless. I feel like I had a lot of detours that delay me from my dreams, but now that I look back…I would not be able to write the way I do if I have not took the detours. I had a lot of heartache and painful events that happen in my life and I am able to create a story that express these feelings that other can related to. So if you get lost on the way, it is very possible to get back to your dreams and you can use what you learn towards your dreams. The most important part to remember is to never give up.

episode 4 cover.jpg