Panels at Conventions

This last weekend, I learn a lot at Kigacon. I have decide that I will be looking at running panels at conventions in the future. I want to show that it is possible to create comics without using Adobe products. I have been using Affinity Photo and Designer instead of Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. I also used a free software program call Medibang Paint Pro.

Kigacon was a college con and very low turn out due to it being small con. However, many people who came did not have money to spend on vendors. Also, I feel like many was shy to talk with artist with their own work instead of fan art. I did get some feedback that $10.00 was a lot to spend at a vendor table, many of the people their was looking to spend $2-5.00 on items. And there was a lot who did not take 5 seconds to look at a table, and when I say hi, they ran off.

After having my table setup at four conventions, I have came to conclusion that many cons goer wish that they could do what I do but don’t know how or believe it is not possible for them to do so. From my personal experiences, I know that many people who go to conventions may only go to 2-3 con per year. Most con goers are millennial that work two jobs and have little time off during the year. I believe that this is effecting how they spend money at cons and many of their spirits are breaking. I am not saying millennial are not the only ones who go to conventions, I am just saying most are millennial.

This is why I believe that I would have a bigger impact on my business if I run panels at conventions on the base on how to create comics on Webtoons and the importance of networking in your local community. If you have watch how Hollywood have just keep remaking movies and old ideas, you will see that our country is in need to new ideas. Movies and shows on TV usually start from writer and book author. I know their are many anime fans and heroes comics fan who enjoy writing fan novels on fans formal websites. I believe these fans have talent that could create original work that would bring about new shows on TV and movies. I believe we have talent in this country that we have not use to their full potentials. I know I could uses some of these talent people help, for I am looking to build a team for my comic series. That is the other reason why I am looking to run panels, I am hoping to recruit others to help with my comic series. A successful comic series takes a team of talent people.