Angie Adventure Continues

Meet Lynn, she is a changeling that is part hag (witch) and sea serpent. Due to the fact that she is part sea serpent, she is nocturnal. She is a orphan. While growing up, she was move from one foster home to next. The most kind person would get so frustrated with her and end up giving up on her. However, one day a female assassin came thought the village that Lynn was living in and heard about the rumor say about Lynn. Lynn foster mother was dragging Lynn by the arm out of the orphan home and yelling at Lynn. The assassin saw this and punish the woman in the face. The assassin say to Lynn, “How would you like to become an assassin?” Lynn fast asleep say, “mmhmm…sure..”


When I was coming up with this character, I was remember what school was like with trouble kids. In fact, I was a trouble kid from time to time. Most of the problems we see in school is because kids have trouble fitting in with our society rules. However, some problems are not the kid fault at all. They just need someone to meet their needs instead of trying to have the kid fit their need. I enjoy writing fiction because their are author that I think are genius at getting people to listen to their view on the world. For example, Frankenstein written by Mary Shelley. It was a political message to the people of her day but in a way that was fun. I am hoping that I could do the same but with comic books. I am a visual learning and know how hard it is to stick to something that does not have pictures. So I hope that I could reach people who have simple learning style as myself.