Richmond Comic Con Dec 8th, 2018

I am excited about the Richmond Comic Con that is on Dec 8th, 2018. I will have a table setup. I will be selling prints of my painting. I will have 21 different prints for sell. And I will have one t-shirt design which is the image below. It will have words on the back saying “Sometimes the unlikely pairs will become the best of friends.” I will have only 50 t-shirt; however, if I run out I will have a sign up sheet for pre-sales.

Due to the fact this my first time selling my items in person, I have a limit amount of prints and items. I am not sure which items will sale more than others. So I will have pre-order form for these who see something they like that I may run out of and I will work with them to get the item ship out to them. This is a good opportunity to found that perfect Christmas gift for your love one.

Also, I will have my friend with her camera and we will be taking lots of pictures. I would love to take pictures with some great cosplay! I will use the content from this event in my first newsletter that will be release in the middle of December. I also will have a sign up sheet for people who want to sign up for my monthly newsletter. I will love to share with you in person what fun and cool things I have plan for the future.