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Welcome! My name is Maria Hargis. I am a self-taught artist and illustrator located in Richmond, Virginia.

I do not have an art degree. I am truly a talent artist for everything I have learn is on my own.


What I do?

I am a traditional artist that use acrylic, watercolor, and ink as my media. I have over 25 work of art in acrylic alone for acrylic is my first go to media. I use watercolor more often when I am working on illustrator projects. I used graphic design software to transfer my work to digital for prints and other product.

In October 2019, I will be releasing my first comic book that I wrote and illustrated. I will be working on more book projects  in the future.

I also maintain an online store that figure many of my own design made to reach more people who normally does not buy work of art on a regular base. I want for more than art collection to enjoy my art.


Stay up-to-date with my journey as an artist on my blog. I post about the inspiration for my artwork, details about events, and how my personal life grows through my journey.

Event Page

On my event page, you can find all the events that I plan to attend where I will  be at many Anime-Con and Comic-Con.  You can also see the locations of the galleries  where you can find some of my original artwork.


Shop for gifts for family and friends or treat yourself to a piece of original artwork. I have products from prints with frame, t-shirts, mugs, and etc.

Social Media

Follow me on social media for updates about my blog, events, and shop Keep an eye out for contests and live streams!

My Facebook page is Maria Hargis Art and asked to join my group on Facebook call Maria Hargis Art Fan Group.

My Twitter username is @maria_hargis

My Instagram username is @mariahargisart