Welcome to my website. Here you can found a blog when I post about latest illustrator project, events, newest products such as T-shirts, poster with frame, mugs, and etc.

My name is Maria Hargis an Artist and Illustrator. I enjoy painting about many subject matter so I am a little chaotic at times. That is my logo is Chaotic Ideas At It Best! I don’t feel like I could pick one way of doing things. People who know me in my personal life know that I have many hobbies and activity and my art reflect my personality. I have been influence by Pathfinder RPG and tabletop games when it come to my art. Also, I have a science background in Biological Engineering from NC A&T State Univ. I also play roller derby. So if you have not guess it many of art ideas come from fantasy, sci fi, science, roller skates, and etc. Feel free to follow me on Instagram and twitter.

For these who are looking to hire me as a graphic designer, you can learn more about what type of work I will do at Fiverr, https://www.fiverr.com/mmhargis.

You can found me on Webtoon as well under the name Saki Leo. Webtoon is a comic app. You can check out my newest comic series call Nocturnal Orphan. I come out with a new episode every Wednesday. If you like my art and want to support me here is a link to my patron ID: Saki Leo when you can support me as low as $2.00 a month.

Below is one of my product and then event calendar. I have two ways that you can buy my product one is my online store under the tab Shop and the other is when I travel to convention. Conventions are great way to make friends and meet artist such as myself. Also, don’t forget you can sign up my monthly newsletter. I send a newsletter thought email once a month in the middle of the month out to my subscriber. It is a great way to keep in touch about new product, events and news about published of my illustration.

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